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Octave tutorial

Henri Amuasi
(updated by Carl Scheffler and Mike Pickles)

There is now also an Octave tutorial on the AIMSWiki. Eventually, all tutorials will be moved there.

This tutorial provides a short introduction numerical computation in Octave. The aim is to allow the reader to understand the basic functionality of Octave and allow them to find further help on their own. When in doubt, read the Octave help by typing

help command

at the Octave prompt. command is the name of the Octave command or function on which to find help.

Table of contents

  1. Starting and exiting Octave
  2. How to use this tutorial
  3. First impressions
    1. Basic arithmetical operations
    2. Suppressing output
    3. Assignment and variables
    4. Constants
    5. Formats for numerical values
    6. The disp() function
    7. Arrays (vector/matrix storage)
    8. Operators for transposing arrays
    9. Operations between scalars and arrays (vectors/matrices)
    10. Addition and subtraction of arrays
    11. Products of arrays
    12. Element by element operations
  4. Operators
    1. Arithmetical operators
    2. Logical and comparison operators
    3. Array indexing operators
    4. Other operators
  5. Built-in functions
  6. Plotting graphs
  7. Octave script files
    1. Flow Control
  8. Reading and writing data
  9. Some Practice Problems
  10. Loops and conditional statements
  11. Advanced plotting with gnuplot commands
  12. Official Octave Documentation


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